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7 major hazards caused by noise pollution2018-11-23

7 major hazards caused by noise pollution

1. The effect of noise on hearing: 50% of people who live in an environment above 80 dB for a long time are deaf, and often wearing headphones to listen to music can lead to severe deafness.

2. The effect of noise on vision: often in the noise environment, it makes people's eyes less sensitive, dilated pupils, abnormal color vision and visual field, resulting in blindness, vision decline, slow reaction, which can lead to traffic accidents.

3. The effect of noise on digestive system: Noise can decrease the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, cause anorexia and cause digestive tract diseases.

4. The effect of noise on children's growth and development: Children living in noisy environment have a 20% lower intellectual development than those living in quiet environment. Nutritionists have found that noise increases the consumption of vitamin B1, B2, B6, amino acids, glutamic acid, lysine and other nutrients, and has a great impact on children's growth and development

5. The effect of noise on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases: Noise can cause uncontrolled cerebral nerve regulation, resulting in rapid breathing, intense heart beating, elevated blood pressure, vasospasm, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

6. The effect of noise on the immune system: long-term noise makes the immune system dysfunction, making people vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms, causing skin diseases or other diseases, and even cancer.

7. The effect of noise on sleep: Noise affects the quality and quantity of sleep. Continuous noise speeds up the turn from deep sleep to light sleep and shortens the sleeping time. When the sudden noise was 40 dB, 10% of the people woke up, and 70% of the people woke up at 60 dB. Poor sleep will seriously affect people's health and work.